From the VHS archives of Recursion VideoLab comes the first part of the club classic, Slow Mo' Mutation Scheme. This video made its way onto the screens, walls, ceilings, floors, and dancers of many a late night dance parties in San Francisco between 2002-2007. While some VJs may scoff at the idea of prerecorded visuals at a party, 8 hours of uninterrupted content on one VHS tape proved time and again to be highly useful in my career as a VJ. Now all I have to do is digitize those 100 VHS tapes before I start losing the classic analog content.

This video was made using a variety of analog video feedback configurations. I used multiple cameras pointed at TVs and projection screens mixed together using multiple video mixers which themselves fed their inputs and outputs back to themselves and to each other. Into this arrangement I poured bits and pieces of my own random footage along with sampled output from previous videolab recordings. Using the Lab's past output as an input allowed previous feedback loops to act as seed content during the live mix. I also sampled previous content, slowed it down in FinalCutPro, and reinserted it, which accounts for the video's title and the two intermingled speeds (slow and realtime). FinalCut was also used to sample, layer, and splice together the highlights from previous configurations and live performance. For the most part, however, the content and effects come directly from analog video feedback techniques and the effects controls found onboard the cameras and video mixers.

The music comes from two mixed tapes that I somehow managed to carry with me through life from the early 1990s:
0 - 30:00 = Fat Ass Mix Toby Stylee .01 (DJ Toby, circa 1993)
32:00 - 1:42:00 = Cheese Puff Mix (DJ Mike - Club Scene, circa 1990 (with some HIP-HOUSE at 1:15:10))


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