AVR Projects

REACTIVE STAGE is a small project made during the "Tecnology:Image and Movement workshop"
at La Caldera, Barcelona, 2010. (with Toni Mira and David Dalmazo)

A graphic mutant shape receives both position and size information from a tracking system that follows the dancer. The color and complexity of the form are also influenced by audio analyzes.

This shape is projected in 3 layers of transparent tissue, providing the viewer a perception of depth as well as the immersion of the dancer in the visual media space.

Concept & Direction :: Rodrigo Carvalho, Daphne Polyzos
Dancer :: Iris Heitzinger

Video footage :: Derek Fenix, Xavi Montojo
Video edit :: Rodrigo Carvalho

Music :: Amon Tobin_”FoleyRoom”
Graphic Mutant Shape based on the 3dsprings quartz`s patch by t-linked.com


j vimeo.com/12171899

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