It might seem strange to some, to share the most intimate moments of our lives in this way. After watching this film by William J Meyer, I felt the urge to consider this. The film shows his father fishing shortly before his passing. It seems William had mixed feelings about sharing his film. I’m happy he did, it’s a lovely portrait of a man in his element, and a beautiful memory to keep in moving picture.

So it seems I have been inspired to share alike. I normally capture lots of film and have little time to put it together however the birth of Bethany my first child was the most amazing day of my life, second only to my marriage to her brave and beautiful Mother Bernie. I did not film the birth itself and had no intention of taking more than a few stills after the birth, but as soon as Bethany was placed on her mother’s breast I literally jumped for joy and felt compelled to film. Anyway this is where it begins, and I’m sure there will be many hours of footage in years to come. This excerpt of Bethany’s life, her very first moments are particularly special and worthwhile keeping for prosperity and sharing. I hope you enjoy!


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