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Submission to Cinema Out of Your Backpack

JACK DAVID COOPER is a man living a nightmare. The world he inhabits has been scourged by an epidemic that killed most, and brought many back again to roam the land as zombies. Jack’s days are spent simply surviving. His nights are spent feeding his infected wife SARAH who has long since died and turned. He keeps her chained to a bed in a child’s bedroom, while still holding out hope for a cure and a rumored safe haven somewhere in Nevada.

As Jack struggles to survive in preparation for his trip west, he meets survivors and zombies and defends himself from both. He meets ELLIE, a woman looking for safety while waiting for her father, whom she was separated from during an attack. Jack and Ellie recognize the same tenacious spirit in each other, and soon, they are spending time together, talking, hunting and trying to maintain a semblance of humanity. They begin to find what they thought had been lost. In small ways they open to each other, and before they realize what has begun, they have fallen in love.

But Ellie knows nothing of Jack’s other life, nothing of the woman chained to a bed in his home. And when she discovers his secret she begins to question who Jack really is. She wonders what kind of future he wants for himself and whether she has any place in that world. Jack is faced with an impossible choice: continue to fight to keep his wife "alive" or begin anew with Ellie, a woman he can truly have a future with. The decision he makes is paid with an awful price -- and a twist of fate that turns his world upside down.

Ian Carroll and Sydney Benner

Directed, Photographed and Edited by Bradley W. Ragland
Written by Brooke Ashley Cameron
Produced by Ian Carroll and Bradley W. Ragland
Makeup by Michelle Christman
Music by Massimiliano Di Carlo

Canon 7D
Nikon Lenses: 19mm, 28mm, 35mm, 50mm, 85mm
52mm Fader ND filter
Zoom H4N
Mini Tripod
CowboyStudio Shoulder Support

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