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Submission to Cinema Out of Your Backpack

-.- THE STORY -.-

The Smith family hires a new gardener. Turns out, he's not just your ordinary gardener; he's ALEJANDRO. Samantha, the spoiled high-school brat, is swept off her feet. She’s determined to have him at all costs. The story progresses with a constant battle between Samantha and Elena, the Latina maid, to see who wins Alejandro. The maid uses her cooking/cleaning skills and Latina spice to impress him. After multiple attempts by Samantha to impress Alejandro, she discovers she has nothing she can impress him with. She doesn’t give up and finds a new technique: she pretends to have a crush on a boy at her school to get advice from Alejandro. As they spend time together, Samantha genuinely believes that all his smiling and laughing are uniting them together.

-.- CAST -.-
Judit Occhipinti as the mother.
Brittany Cerra as "Samantha"
Marlene Marquez as "Elena"
David Cendejas as "Alejandro:

-.- CREW -.-
Fiorella Occhipinti (writer, director, cinematographer)
Jeffrey Benavides (producer, editor)


(1) Camera: Canon 7D
(1)Battery charger + (1) extra battery
(2) 16GB Memory Cards
(1) Canon 35mm
(1) Canon 18mm
(1) Nikon 50mm
(1) Zoom H4 Recorder
(1) small Tripod


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