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Submission for Cinema Out of Your Backpack

The following scene is from a story titled "The Lost One", story is about 2 former assassins whose last job ended unfavorably, the "lost one" is the main character, the "seeker" is the one portrayed in the scene, the seeker is one who is searching for the lost one after he refused the job years ago and now is starting to see why the lost one made the choices he did, the story is told with flashbacks and reverse timelines, we start at the end and finish with how and why it all began. To sum up the story, its about redemption and the multiple sides of that theme, the story will allow viewers to choose their own hero and there is no defined ending, it is left up to viewer to decide. This scene is the opening scene to this story where day after the seeker killed the lost ones' girlfriend.

Cast: Wilbert Bedonie as The Seeker
Crew: Jarred Tsinnie, Director, DP, Writer, Composer
Crew: Justin Adson, Composer

Original Soundtrack composed by Justin Adson and Jarred Tsinnie

Equipment Used:

Camera: Canon 60D
Lenses: canon 50mm f1.4, canon 24mm f2.8, canon fd 50mm f1.8
tripod with fm18 head.

most shots were done hand held with few tripod shots.


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