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While conducting the research for my dissertation on experimental film in Mexico City in the 1970s I became intrigued with cult filmmaker Sergio García. Garcia’s character, story, and his personal archive were unexpectedly rich - a treasure that the written word alone could never convey. I thus decided to follow his example, and started to make a film about him and his life.

Garcia was instrumental in the formation of a movement of Super-8 filmmaking which was intended to serve as a social critique through the democratization of cinema. He continued to make political and counterculture themed films with small cameras and extremely low budgets, refusing to compromise his independence, vision and ideals. In the 1980s, he began to increasingly focus on documenting the growth of a vibrant urban rock and roll scene and movement (rock urbano), a phenomenon that grew out of massive urbanization, political and social marginalization, and almost a decade of official censorship of rock music and the counterculture.

However, shortly after I began filming, Sergio died suddenly. This forced me to rethink the direction and the purpose of the film I had begun with him. Thus, this feature length documentary film is, in essence, my attempt to get to know Sergio without him.

In this sequence, I meet Sergio's friend Charlie Monttana or “El Vaquero Rocanrolero” (the Mexican Cowboy) and the band for the first time at a concert in the southeast part of the city, in an area known as Reyes de la Paz.

Director/Camera/Editor: Jennifer Boles
Sound: Rafael Lopez

Charlie Monttana, vocals
Severino Hernández Lopez, accordion
Luis Alberto Cruz, drums
Agustín García Martínez, guitar
Enrique Camacho, keyboard
Dany and Lobito, managers

Canon 7D
Tokina lens 11-16mm f/2.8 AT-X 116
Rode mic
Zoom H4N
Zacuto Target Shooter
Manfrotto Tripod


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