Bay Area Filmakers

San Francisco's CHURCHES just released their Lovelife 7" and premiere the single's video statement of true love. The supergroup featuring members from Rogue Wave, WATERS, and Port O'Brien, and gathers together Caleb Nichols, Pat Spurgeon and Dominic East with their respective immediate families and friends. The Olan Mills-esque family gallery portraits provide a humanist take on the real definition of family currently being tackled by the Supreme Court's review of the Defense of Marriage Act's constitutionality or Proposition 8's unconstitutional same-sex marriage ban of hate. It is this timeliness that resounds in the powerful delivery of Caleb's immediacy of, "Oh kiss me quick, before it hits, I'm yours and you are mine."

The genuine focus of our video was to put the spotlight on families. Not family as an 'f-word' buzz term for politico jingoism or for the gain of shadowy lobbyists, but as a nurturing statement of love based on the character of what and who we are, without having others define, decide and deny the many things that make up our being. "I think that it's a sin, to hate your kindred kin, I was born this way, now here me say, I am just who I am."

CHURCHES' Lovelife 7" is available now with their San Francisco release party


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