Video Production

Freshman Will Olesiewicz '16 arrived from Delaware in August not knowing what to expect from moving over 2000 miles to a new school. He had quickly made friends with many people, and is one of the most known freshman from upperclassmen.

Lighting: For the lighting in our interview, we used a single point light shining from the left side of Will's face. No lights were turned off from the ceiling, however, the light next to Will's face was so bright, that it cancelled all of the other lights out. Setting: The setting in which the interview was shot was in the Black Box Theater.
Sound: We used an iPhone for sync sound. The microphone was placed on a table right in front of him.
Framing: Our subject, Will, was placed on the right side of the frame following the rules of thirds. Questions: We asked 7 questions in total, which some of them include trash questions.
Music: "Forced Through Time" by Dexter Britain (


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