You know its windy when…..

Daves wrestling with a 1.5 meter kite

Andy is heading up sand dunes at 40km/h on a 2 meter kite

You tell newbies not to attach handcuffs (kite killers)

Your picking sand out of your ears for the next 48 hours

and you can't fly your 21m Speed 3 in the dunes………

A fantastic day had by all, met some groovy new people Pete, Pip, Christie, spent some time teaching and getting them up to speed in adverse conditions to learning, they did a fantastic job and took everything we taught them on board.

Time for a lunch break, we headed out into the dunes for about 40 minutes and shot some footage.

TIll next time, when we can go large with the big Flysurfers

Luke S.


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