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Morten K tells...

I went to school in the mid 70's.
I didn't hate it - I just didn't like it all that much.

I wasn't the sporting type. You know what I mean - not much good at football or running and never quite bright enough to be the teacher's pet. This always made life kind of hard. So my room and my music was my domain.... tunes on my imaginary tiny blue piano.

In the mid 80's, I took to writing music at High School and then went to London to live a bit. That's where I met Jeff Rycroft, a lyricist like Bernie Taupin and a legend in his own lunchtime. Music met words - words met music. The cosmos collided and we've been writing ever since. Me doing the tunes and him the wordsmith.

Creation takes time, but it's well worth waiting for. The interaction of songs based on stories, people, love and our own chilhood, woven together to produce a patchwork quilt of life. Very much the kindred spirit writing songs as one about each other. Our songs come from a word here or a note there, flicked out and lifted off the wind, started by one, finished by the other.

You Took My Time actually started with my eldest daughter Marie, banging out a little tune on a Xylophone, the main hook line in the song. We just made it into something special, though writing about time at school was hard. You could say You Took My Time is "Through the Eyes of a Child" - dark days in the schoolyard .... Thank God they've gone.

- - -

You Took My Time is dedicated to all those school kids who, for whatever reason, sometimes don't "fit in". Hope you like it

Jeff R & Morten K


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