Beautiful Asia

Hello everybody !!!

Last week, I was lucky to be in Hong Kong. I participated in the China - Europa Forum, an inspiring initiative of fostering dialogues between the European and Chinese societies.

I always wanted to go to Hong Kong. Indeed, I loved the Hong Kong Martial Arts Movies a lot in my youth, especially Jackie Chan's. Jackie Chan's martial art choreographies, and later his action choreographies, always remind me of the big cosmic dance or play : everything moves and spins and turns and interacts. People, objects, the whole environment enter the dance. And in the midst of it, you have a Jackie Chan who somehow just happens to be there and has to cope with the most surprising situations ... with a lot of humour and a great sense of improvisation. There is action and always also the open space where it unfolds :-).

Usually, people did not find my liking of Jackie Chan movies very "serious". But I really find them amazing (especially from the 1970s to the the 1990s) and Jackie Chan definitely was a role model for me, inspiring me for my own martial arts training and also for being a "nice guy".

But Hong Kong is also the home of other world famous dragons. Of course there is Bruce Lee, the most famous of them, although not my favourite one, as he is too "angry" to my taste ... Actually, Jackie Chan started out as a stuntman in some of his movies before becoming his "successor" and then finding his own original path ... Then there is Samo Hung, Yuen Biao, Stephen Chow ... Not to speak of all the Martial Arts Masters living in Hong Kong ...

Hong Kong is indeed a city of "dragons".

I was very impressed by the numerous skyscrapers and by the fact that despite them the city still kept a kind of homely atmosphere to it. It was a real interesting experience to me as usually I do not really like big cities and do not appreciate rows of skyscrapers a lot. It made me aware of a very different way to live than the one I am used to. And I wondered what the world view must be of someone born and raised between skyscrapers ...

Anyway, I did not spend much time in Hong Kong after the China-Europa Forum and I only took my video camera with me one morning. Here are some glimpses of Hong Kong. I hope to be able to return there one day, and you will then maybe get some more in depth sights.

Enjoy and lots of good and happy dragon energies to all of you !!!


PS : The music is the theme of Police Story 3 sung by Jackie Chan. The beginning of the clip is a hint to the end of Police Story 3. Enjoy and lots of good inspirations to all of you !!!




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