Behind the Scenes - Sundays starts to take shape and form! We still have an incredible amount of work to carry out in post-production but bit by bit, we'll get there.

At this stage of the production, word has spread about the Mexico shoot and the interest in Sundays is growing outside of our core Kickstarter community. With every little bit of word-of-mouth and support from sponsors helping us realize this Sundays dream, we've put together a small overview film to show at festivals and events. All of you naturally get to see this film first as it contains behind-the-scenes footage from the Mexico shoot.

Please note that you'll see at the beginning of the film, a small edit of footage from our original Kickstarter appeal film as it provides a useful overview of Sundays for those that are not in the know. What follows thereafter is making-of footage from Mexico City.

Special thanks to our friend Guinduri Arroyo for the behind the scenes footage and interviews.

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