The Story Beyond The Still

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Things are getting complicated now ;)
My entry to the Canon beyond the still contest. Hopefully you guys will watch and enjoy it :) Everything was shot with the Canon 5D2 at iso 2000 to 3400, including the daylight clips, using a vari filter for open aperture and high iso for the gritty look. Lenses used: 70-200/4, 24-70/2.8, 17-40/4, 16-35/2.8, 24/1.4. Stitched together in fcp, 3way color corrector, no noise reduction, or any other filters. Many thanks to Dikayl Rimmasch,, for the song in the last segment, and Constantin Philippou, , who wrote a big part of the music for this little flick. The third song was purchased from, and Wilder Lee for the beat, .
Please watch the previous episodes, Job Security, chapter 2
and Vincent Laforet's chapter one here:
Thomas Gibbons
Jamy Dayrit
Lenka Dayrit
Wilder Lee
Miriam Werner
Nikolay Levitsky
Denis Chebotarev
Hair: Robert Lyon,
Make up: Jordy Poon,
Styling: Signe Yberg,
Special Thanks To Lucy @ Lycy's Bar, the best bar in the world!/pages/Lucys-the-best-bar-in-the-world/471247190522?ref=ts
Production write up at digitalcinemafoundry


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