The Story Beyond The Still

Chapter 3 entry for Canon's "Story Beyond the Still". See the other chapters here:

Assassin?...Or paparazzi? Tacky thriller?...or satire?

Shot entirely with a borrowed Canon t1i (thanks, Crystal!), a kit lens(18-55mm f/3.5), and a Kodak Zi8. All natural/available lighting except the monologue scene. Tripod and shotgun mic were the only pieces of equipment. Edited w/ FCP Studio.

Directed/edited/produced/etc. by Tyler Brown

Written by:
Tyler Brown, Nathan Curtis, Garrett Ross, Aeriel Emig, Claire Schmeltzer

Same as above + James Kacergius

hit man: Nathan Curtis
Dealer manguydude: James Kacergius
Woman: Aeriel Emig

Music By:
French artist AKAJules and KnarmahFox.


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