The Story Beyond The Still

My entry for chapter 4 of the "Story Behind the Still" contest. Please watch all previous chapters first, then watch chapter 3 and this one again if you don't understand it the first time.

Initially I wanted to do a story that was unrelated to previous chapters, but after chapter 3's winner continued the story where chapter 2 left off, I decided that I might as well continue it at this point.

I decided that I wanted to further develop the main characters, as well as the new strange beachcomber from chapter 3. Hopefully this excercise in character development works.

I also made sure to leave plenty of open ends for continuation in chapter 5, some more subtle than others.


Writer, Director, Editor: Todd M. Gillissie
Cabbie: Danny Griffin
Voice of police: Todd M. Gillissie
Garage sale clerk: Judyth Stayton
The Professional: Mick McDonald
Cabbie's daughter: Elizabeth Stayton
Woman near piano: Jane Ozolins

"Slow Song" by Todd M. Gillissie & Edwin Scholl
"Aftermath", "Ghostpocalypse 7" by Kevin MacLeod
"Canario", written by Joachim von der Hofe (17th c.), performed by Elizabeth Stayton


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