The Story Beyond The Still



A half dozen murders have put two detectives on the trail of a mysterious serial killer.

Detective Frank - Daniel Lang
Detective Jimmy - Steven Marshall
The Villain - Jordan Long
The Cabbie - Rick Hylla
Music & Sound Assistance - Adam Harant
Written & Directed by A. Stach

Shot on Canon T2i (Lenses: Canon 18-55mm 3.5-5.6, Nikkor 50mm 1.4, Makinon 28-80mm 3.5), plus a couple shots from a Canon HV30.

Audio captured with a Rode Video Mic, Zoom H2, and on-board camera microphones.

The camera mounting system was a handcrafted jank jib.

Big thanks to everybody who helped put this together, you were all incredible. I appreciate your patience with a noob like me, as well as your trust. Also, I apologize for the unevenness of the edit, had to sacrifice a few tweaks on audio, color, and timing to make the deadline. After the contest period ends, I will upload a more polished version.

The script is on flickr:

- A note on the music used during the chase scene: There is a song offered by Moby on his film gratis website called "rotator" which the whole chase scene was born from (I played it for hours while roughing out the shot list and storyboards). I found it following P. Bloom's recommendation, and inquired about using the song in this contest, unsure of all legalities. I got no response and figured that since I couldn't proceed with certainty of securing license for the song in this contest, I'd ask Adam H. (a musically talented friend of mine) to whip up an interpretation of the feel of the song, which he did. It turns out rotator, which got me thinking about a cheesy fake over the top chase scene, has very common surf roots.... The Ventures, Dick Dale, Link Ray, even Horatio Sanz played interpretations of rotator before it was made. Long story short, I was granted the rights to use rotator for this film, but not before uploading my entry. With no word on licensing before submitting, I went with my buddy's interpretation, and it's good. He named the song 'I Am Ahab" in a tip of the hat to Moby, even though he insists the melody of his song is different, and older than dirt.

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