The Story Beyond The Still


"Tumbleweed Drifters" - Chapter 7 entry into "The Story Beyond The Still" Competition.

After mysterious events (see previous chapters -, disappearance of his daughter, and useless cooperation with authorities, the Cabbie gave up on everything and moved to the desert hoping to make peace with his past and live on. Now, 20 years later, his condition is as good as his surroundings. Turned into a self-sufficient hermit, he goes through evidence and memories daily, trying to resolve the mystery, perhaps in vain.

A Stranger shows up at his doorstep. A man out of the desert, coming to wrap things up. Not part of any organization, privileged to do "what’s right, rather than what’s required”. Cabbie goes for a ride with him, uncertain whether it may as well be the last journey of his life - a way to heal the wound.

Tumbleweeds, desert, and a little magic…


Credits and Special Thanks to:

Direction/Story/Visuals/Edit - Alexander Alexandrov
Camera Operator - Nitin Shantharam
Sound - Kelly Ambrow
Actors - RS Bailey, Elena Avdeeva
Classic Car, Production Assistance - Mark Panetta
Script Advice - Eric Kline


Previous chapters:

Chapter 1:
Chapter 2:
Chapter 3:
Chapter 4:
Chapter 5:
Chapter 6:


I wanted a new direction in the series, away from secret organizations and conspiracies which I thought somewhat stalled for a few chapters.

Now that the father and the daughter are together, perhaps the final chapter (shot by all contestants) can shine the light on the bear and the key that started it all. That awkward stranger leaving into the sunset might have the answer...

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