The Story Beyond The Still

The Story Beyond The Still - Chapter 2


The moment Lauren saw the bear she knew. The specifics, like the majority of the details of her childhood this far, were unclear but a few things clicked into place. The key was from Mr. Taylor. She knew the hallmarks of contact with his organization and the delivery of this ‘object’ was not a coincidence. She also knew that anything related to her real identity must be kept in the absolute secrecy. She could not share the details with her loving, but clueless, surrogate parents. She made a mental note to sew up the bear that morning and then…she would wait. Something would happen shortly…it always did.

That same morning in the office of Logan Brengle a unmarked note was delivered that would change the usual Friday schedule. Logan glanced at the note before placing it in his pocket, grabbed his coat and left. The note did not need a signature, it told him everything he needed to know. He had an appointment with Mr. Taylor.


Chapter 2 of the Canon/Vimeo Film Contest
Check out Vincent Laforet's Chapter 1 here:

Written By: BumKi Cho, Scott Vanderbeek
Video/Directed by: BumKi Cho
Edited by: BumKi Cho
Sound/Music By: Steve Beukema

Mr. Taylor: Jim Kuk
Logan Brengle: Scott Vanderbeek
Ms. Amy: Ana Klackle
Kevin: Doug Heaney
Lauren: Lauren Heaney
Mr. Powers: Steve Beukema

**First time ever to work with script, acting, and story line. I have learned a great deal of the importance of pro-production preparation. Not everything went smoothly and not everything turned out great. But we all had fun. I had a blast getting this video ready. Thanks to all of you who participated and made this possible. Thank you, Vimeo and Canon and others for this great and fun contest!!**


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