The Story Beyond The Still

For a better experience, listen on loud speakers or headphones. =) Also, this was done on all Natural Lighting. Poles were flickering and we had to time the action.

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Brief Synopsis:
An ordinary man and woman stumble across a mystical clan of spirits yearning to break free from their dwelling inside a vintage 1950's radio.

Kvibe Productions, LLC

Executive Producer by: Khoa D. Le
Produced by: Khoa D. Le & Salvatore E. Sutera
Directed by: Khoa D. Le & Salvatore E. Sutera
Written By: Khoa D. Le & Salvatore E. Sutera
Cinematographer: Khoa D. Le
Editor: Khoa D. Le & Salvatore E. Sutera
Original Music & Written By: Khoa D. Le
Sound Design by: Khoa D. Le
Behind the scene photos: George Rivera

Production Assistants: Kim Nguyen, Joe A. Nunez, Eggie Belizario Escueta, Alyssa Pontecorvo

Jean / Girl: Jean Farinella
Man: Paul Santiago
Jean's Friend: Alyssa Pontecorvo (portfolio of my work)

Equipment used:

Canon 5d Mark II
Zeiss 85mm f1.4
Canon 50mm F1.4
DvTEC shoulder rigg
very cheap tripod
and a DIY follow focus screw on lens ring


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