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Addo team riders ( Aran Cook & Dr. Matt Barlow (

Looking for the shorter, 90-second competition-entry, version of Third Time Lucky?
It's here:


Ben Travis (, motivated by the desire to "give back to the [trials] community a little more", ran a trials video competition called One Shot, One Angle, One Prize (

Ben set the following 'competition rules':

Video must be filmed at ONE LOCATION
Video must be filmed from ONE SINGLE CAMERA ANGLE
Video must be a maximum of 90 SECONDS

Aran Cook and I decided to enter and this video tells the story.

Our first effort was cut short due to an error of judgement in the location we had chosen. We were (politely under the circumstances) asked to move on and - realising our mistake - did so without hesitation.

Our second failed attempt at getting some lines on film was due to turning up to a new riding location with everything except the memory card for the video camera. Unfortunately for us, this was the day prior to the competition deadline so we had to quickly drive home to pick up the memory card.

Due to the self-inflicted-delay, the light was now fading so we only managed 40 minutes of riding (yes, that is an excuse!). With the deadline looming we edited the video the same evening. Having only captured a small amount of footage, the rough-edit took next to no time. However, it was the early hours of the next morning by the time we squeezed the clips into the allotted 90 seconds maximum.

The footage uploaded as we slept and we successfully made the submission deadline with a few hours to spare. Given our luck throughout this process, Aran and I had to laugh when, on deadline day, Ben decided to extend the deadline for a further week! :-)


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