Black & White! on film

Shot with single takes and in sequence, on one roll of super8.
Some minimal editing was done to follow the pace of the song.
Kostas Vozikis (2L8) came to me with the basic idea of a boy , a girl, lost innocence, greed and eventual corruption. After doing some reading about old european folk tales, rites of passage, some necessary daydreaming and continuous listening to the song, there was a storyboard. The filming was done in 2 consecutive days on sub-zero budget but with lots of enthusiasm and generous help from the team and cast.

You can find more info on 2L8 in the following links:


Director: John Karabelas
Assistant director: Joanna Chrysanthopoulou
camera: John Karabelas
lights/priceless support: Giotis Vrantzas

Boy: Yannos Margaris
Girl: Maya Efremidi
Youth: John Karidas
Collector/Old Man: George Koutrotsios

A Big Thank you to:
Alex Alexandridis
Apostolos Rizos
Tasos Efremidis
Dimitris Stambolis


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