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Severus and Stone tells the poignant tale of two brothers who discover that they share a bond that outlasts life itself. Sensitive cinematography and finely-crafted editing create an artistic and emotionally engaging visual interpretation of the story told in Radical Face's song "Severus and Stone."

Directed, Edited, Produced, and Written for the Screen by Alden Blake
VFX / Color Grading by Alden Blake and Kirk Fisher
Executive Producers: Daniel Chia and Jeanette Joy Fisher
Director of Photography: Alden Blake
Production Assistants: Kyle Broom, Alexandra Spector, Enicia Fisher, Kirk Fisher, Ted Blake, Meghan Fisher, Lydia Jayne Fisher Blake, Anthony Vincent, Oscar Robles
Mentors: Kyle Broom & Alexandra Spector

SPECIAL THANKS to all of the generous supporters of this project:
Jim and Linda Baker, Connie Leonard, Vicki Dawson and family, Jacob Smith and family, Kyle Broom, Alexandra Spector, Rachel Cragg & Nettwerk Music Group, Svetlana Waisman, Bill Blake, Suzanne Hamilton, Robin Curby, David Kutruff, Rev. Pat Campbell, Marcus Rose, Rick Fitzsimmons, Kimo Estores, Windy Simkins, Rebecca Coleman, Danny White, Ashley Fiala, lauraly63, Lauren Crossthwaite, Bruce Bergman, Jennifer Yanez, charlene23, Lori Torok, Moctar Menta, Gibran Isaacs, Jasper Alpaca, Tim Blackmon, Sandy Summers, Another Young Videomaker, Rev. Katherine Economou, unosaj, Larisa Stow, Rick Knickerbocker & Carol Outland, Craig & Taira Golding, Shannon, Pat Thomasson, Nicholas Fisher, Natasha Fisher, Alexander Fisher, humphrey3, Ren-Horng Wang, Sece Foster, filmtrips, Sheri Shoemaker, mcnsty1, Albert Jimenez, Shartelle Fears, Shannon Lynch, Becky Ames, Janna Preston, Joe Rathburn, avone002, Peg Mclaughlin, Maryanne Wendt, John Frewin, Kristin Jamerson, Katia Fisher, Ian Forber-Pratt Anand, Mark Robert, Teri Biancardi, Anu Rao, Arlie Scott, John Lamar, Victor Andrade, Warren Whitlock, Wes Kendrick, John Seed, Sydney Kotar, Michael Neal, Jim & Donna Blackmon, Justin Froese, Beena Ramaswami, Carly Martin, Anthony Vincent, Ari Lower, Andrea Lambert, Jen Caulfield Piche, Scott Stratten, Debbie Gates, Steve Baker, Michele DeGaris, Sami Vance, Jennifer Starbuck, Michelle Harper, Kirk Fisher, Meghan Fisher, Shalah & Brett Fisher, Stephanie Johnson, Whitney Conner Clapper, Suzanne Pedley Thomas, Linda St. John, Anna Stirling, Lee Eddy, Brad Adams, Kathy Bolte, and Anonymous supporters.

Shot with the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera and Voigtlander 25mm f/0.95 lens.

Radical Face's "Severus and Stone" used with permission of Nettwerk Music Group.


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