I drove nearly 2 hours to these locations the other day. (When you have kids, free time like this doesn't happen quite often at

When I brought these shots into AE, almost every overlook scene of the trees have an awful static in them. I can't de-noise a shot like that either without turning the mountains into a water-colored smudge farm and losing detail... I've never seen anyone else's footage look like this either... Terrible mosquito type noise in broad daylight shots properly exposed, and aliasing in the water ripples on the lake shots as well as back focus issues with my 24mm Nikon AIS. (EF mount with Fotodiox adapter... I've never had any problems with it on any other camera.) If I add any level of sharpening to this footage, the static is so bad the shot is completely unusable. Plus, This doesn't look like the the level of detail everyone else's BMC footage seems to have.

Does anyone else have problems like this, or have you heard of an issue like this? I'm almost totally certain I have a bad cam... Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Hand to God, the only treatment these shots had were the following:

- Adobe Camera Raw 16bit exposure adjustment. (pulled back from shooting "to the right".)
- Black level adjustment.
- Imported to After Effects 16bit project
- Filmconvert BMCC "film" profile. WB set to 5600, Kodak Vision 5207, (Film Grain turned all the way OFF!)

There was absolutely NO grain or noise added in post whatsoever.


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