Inokashira Park was Japan's first suburban park, established in 1913 and systematically developed.
The Inokashira Pond there was the source of the first water service for Tokyo (then called Edo), the Kanda water supply, providing a vital roll until an improved water supply was completed in 1898.
The third Tokugawa shogun, Iemitsu, is said to have given Inokashira Pond its name.
The name is said to mean either "source of the water supply" or "well that supplies the most delicious water."
At one time, a cedar forest to cultivate the water source surrounded the pond, creating a beautiful landscape.
Over time, the types of trees and the aspects of the forest changed.
Today it is hard to call this area "suburban," but nonetheless it is a place of leisure for Tokyo residents.
The park is divided into four sections, Inokashira Pond and its surroundings, Gotenyama with its wooded area and Shizen Bunka-en Gardens, recreation facilities in the west end of the park, and the No.2 park to the southeast.(quotations from
"Tokyo Metropolitan Park Association")

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