Such a small test but I sure did learn a lot. First thing I learned is how not to shoot in the snow. Do not exposed to the right and always have a great, highly expensive ND filter on hand. Everything you see in the video above was actually nearly unusable due to IR pollution. Pinkish/purple in the snow and the sky. I was only able to remove using the Color Neutralizer in Adobe After Effects - which added considerable time to my workflow.

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I might do a tutorial showing how to fix this problem if you occurs to you. Just make sure to have a really high-quality ND.

Other than that, the camera performed really well. I also discovered that you do not want to wear glasses that turn to sunglasses when you use this camera. There was a moment where I couldn't figure out why the camera wouldn't turn on. It turns out, it was on and because my glasses turned to sunglasses in the sun, the screen looked completely black.

Graded with Osiris LUTs:
IR Pollution Removed w/Adobe After Effects
Graded in Davinci Resolve


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