Blender and Robotics

This video features the application of an expectations framework for domestic robot assistants in two simulated scenarios using the MORSE simulator ( ).

In the first scenario, the robot has the expectations that typical kitchen objects and the table typically do not move as long as either the human or the robot is interacting with them. Furthermore, the robot expects kitchen objects to not lie on the ground. When the robot undeliberatly hits the table, it detects some objects moving an falling to the ground causing the average normality to decrease. When it turns around later and looks towards the table, it detects even more objects lying on the ground, resulting in a further decrease of the average normality.

The second scenario features a scenario at night where the human is sleeping in the bedroom and the robot has the duty to patrol the flat and guard valuable objects like the big flatscreen TV. It therefore has the expectations that the entrance door is closed at night, humans are expected to be either in the bedroom or outside of the house, the TV is not moving and located in the living room on the TV table and the robots navigation is working properly. A burglar then enters the scenario and when the robot detects the open entrance door and the burglar in the hallway, the average normality starts to drop. It drops even further when it detects the TV moving and not being located at its typical place.


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