Brooklyn resident William Thomas Porter builds wonderful - and really weird - bikes. "I wouldn't call them mutants," he says of his bike caricatures, "because that would make them sound ugly. It's more like creating this... new splendid form." We followed him around for a about a year documenting his projects and cajoling him into demonstrating the bikes' awesomeness in a series of humorous, fast-paced vignettes.

Throughout the short Tom chats with good friend (and sometimes collaborator), Diego Guzman, about how and exactly why he does what he does.

Song List [by request]
'Over Here' (Ratata Remix):
'Shame on Blue (Wugazi Remix):
'Night Clubbing' - (Iggy Pop):
'Today Was a Good Day' (Rahtid! Sound Remix):
'Bounce' - Los Rakas:
'Kampala Truth Work' (Mos Dub Remix):
'Well Well Well' - Grace Jones:


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