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When Betsy Butters, an inquisitive fourteen year old from Chicago, is sent off to a French language only boarding school in Switzerland, she worries about being on her own for the first time, speaking only in French, making friends, and getting good grades. What she never anticipates is that she’ll soon find herself at the center of dangerous intrigues.

Chateau Mont Blanc, founded in 1864, and reputed to be one of the finest international schools for girls in Europe, has never before had a student breach the headmistress’s privacy or question the history of her fabulous art collection. That is, not until Betsy Butters.

Without realizing what’s she’s getting into, Betsy is caught up in a mystery involving a priceless Van Gogh stolen by the Nazis, and becomes a pawn in the underground world of sex slave trafficking. Incredibly, both are connected to people she knew before she left America.
Just when she thinks she’s safe, Betsy may be in the greatest danger.


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