“The Wōods” is a handmade stop-motion world explored by the viewer in a ‘choose your own adventure’ style. The work features a character and her reveries at the edge of an enchanted forest. Viewers can interact with her textually through text-messaging and through body movement, prompting different fable-like narrative moments.

Along with engaging viewers and passersby with its unique aesthetic and playful interactivity, Briard's work also prompts contemplation about the way we relate to one another and our environment, while investigating theories around the use of the uncanny and wonderment in moving-image art.

The work premieres in Victoria, B.C. at G++ Gallery, where interaction will be encouraged from the gallery’s street-front windows. Viewers will also have the possibility to access the work remotely via a website featuring a live video feed.

Made possible in part by the interactivity designers at Limbic Media and the BC Interactive Film and Media Fund. Represented by Joyce Yahouda Gallery.
Trailer music by Lucas Gonze.


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