Erin Besler - Low Fidelity

Video Edit - Tanner Teale

Advisor - Andrew Atwood

Narration - Benjamin Farnsworth
Music - Bach, Cello Suite No.1
Photography and Video - David Eskenazi, Erin Besler, Jasmine Park, William Hu, Haleh Olfati, Ian Besler, Tanner Teale
Equipment and Facilities - The Southern California Institute of Architecture, Art Center College of Design Media Design Practices

Thank You
Andrew Atwood, Benjamin Farnsworth, Brian Harms, Brandon Kruysman, David Eskenazi, Haleh Olfati,, Jasmine Park, Jon Proto, Katsumi Moroi, Kristy Velasco, Kyle von Hasseln, Liz von Hasseln, Mike Ho, Nazareth Ekmekjian, Paul Andrzejczak, Tanner Teale, William Hu, and Ian Besler

Additional Image Credits
House VI Transformations by Peter Eisenman - in "Perfect Acts of Architecture" pages 36-49
House VI 'Casa VI -
Image of Peter Eisenman -
MoMA Building - Photos Girados -
View at MoMA - Kenneth Jansson -

This video was produced as part of Graduate Thesis work
at the Southern California Institute of Architecture.


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