Monstrè is a post modern culture channel.

The project contains 7 interludes (Inspired by decadent art, where each interlude refers to a different sin inviting us to embrace them), a popup short, a program schedule and a down time loop.
Created for a TV Channel Identity course conducted by Eran Stern at Shenkar College of Design, Israel.
Made with Adobe premiere and After effects.

Shimi Cohen
Danielle Shami

Danielle Shami

All clothing garments were designed by:

- Odelia Shimoni (\odelshim\odel )
- Eyal Meistel ( )
- Jordyn Jacobs ( )

Make up and Hair:
- Tal Ganani ( )
- Eyal Meistel (hair)
- Daniela Nathan (make up)

Adi Peled
Maya Zwickel
Chen Yahav
Daniela Nathan
Marina Gotlib
Nir Benita
Micah Amos
John Srisurin


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