Official Josh Pyke music video inspired by E.O Wilson, biophilia, children, and Max Fischer,
sustainably shot in Sydney.
Ivy League Records Youtube link:
Director of Photography: Evan Papageorgiou
Production Designer, Art Director Vix Nhieu
Editor: Elodie Fouqueau
Colourist: Roslyn di Sisto
Production Coordinator: Mona Lai
Production Assistant, Accounts and Art Department: Kate Buckman
Gaffer: Finbarr Collins
Assistant Camera: Bastien Chapignac
Botanical Stylist: Hurricane Duke
VFX: Tom Spiers, Miguel Zaragoza, Phil Young, Scotty Wilcox
Online and Conform: Scotty Wilcox and Miguel Zaragoza
Rear Projection Editor and Art Department: Cindy Rodriguez
Wardrobe: Fleur Camroux and Sophie Spalding
Wardrobe and Art Department: India Zegan
Wheel wranglers: Katie Newton, Phil Young, Tom Spiers, Kate Buckman
Watercolours and Stop-Motion Animation: Tara Marynowsky and Beatrice Pegard
Playback and Out of this Earth Wiggle Tree: Damien Cullen
Michael J the Zorbatron Dancing Tree: Dani Zorbas
Life Gurus: Warwick Boulter and Finbarr Collins
Behind the Scenes Still Photographer: Steven Woodburn
Animal Wrangler: George
Husky: Lance
Catering: Maria, Heart of Europe
Muses Clothes by Amy Kaehne


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