Directed by:
• Samuel Gursky (

Edited by:
• Nick Vannucci (
• Matthew Greenberg (
• Nicole Onorato (

Sound Mix by:
• Stephen Murphy (

I owe an immense amount of thanks to everyone who let me ride in their van through this experience as well, we shared in some incredible, awful and really life changing moments that I will never forget.
• Royal City Riot - Jesse Litwa, Matthew Spitz, Anthony Vito Fraccalvieri, Jon Degen, Ata Secilmis & Jared Kaplan.
• The Forthrights - Jack Wright, Sammy Kay, Matt Burdi & Jimmy Doyle. Also! Vic Ruggiero & Chris Murray.

PS: Chris Murray if you read this, I want a re-match for that pizza eating contest.


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