Brand Therapy

Late in 2010, the Sleuth channel decided to follow the lead of their big sister network, SyFy, in rebranding themselves as something more unique and ownable. A couple of conversations later and we were teaming up with the good people at USA to develop and unveil the new home for all your crime and mystery programming: CLOO!

The concept was simple: clues are everywhere, if you just know where to look. Representing that idea visually we set out to create six unique packages, all based on iconic crime and mystery scenarios, where the CLOO logo lived in place of a piece of evidence at a crime scene. Integrating live-action footage with completely CG environments, the CLOOs ran the gamut from gold bars in a bank robbery to USB drives in a computer hacking to microscopic evidence in a forensics lab; all situations a mystery-obsessed viewer would feel at home in. Like the team at USA we’re fanatics too, and hope that came through in the brand!


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