Breakfast Daily

In the course of a long and far-of journey we follow Stuck, a dreamy, honest time traveler. While moving Stuck slides silently into a kaleidoscopic sequence of realities. The collisions with these transcendent worlds and illustrious characters happen in isolated intervals. In the meanwhile we also get an insight in Stuck’s daily activities. We see him sleeping, dancing, working and even cooking. All the events are continuously interwoven with the inner perspectives of our protagonist. His thoughts and associations become soft whispers in the universe.

De Wondertuin is an animation project that I've worked on from December 2005 until September 2009. I developed my own working method to create profoundly detailed and atmospheric decors. All the live action was first recorded on video before I started eloborating the characters. Each frame of De Wondertuin is fully hand drawn, wich makes it a comprehensive, narrative movie and as a whole a unique cinematographic experience.

Distribution: EYE Film Institute


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