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"So What" - A Miles Davis Interpretation
Composed by Miles Davis/Arr. by Mark Jeffery Campayno
Produced at StudioRock of Northern Virginia by MJC
All rights belong to respective owners of material.
"So What" is from the album Kind Of Blue
Released on Columbia Records
Produced by Teo Marcero and Irving Townsend
Released August 17, 1959

Here is a quote from playdirect about the album Kind Of Blue:
Kind of Blue is universally considered to be one of the best albums of all time, of any genre. Fifty years later, Kind of Blue — the epitome of spontaneous invention — is still the best selling jazz album ever.
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Equipment List:
PaulGilbert PGM 30 Electric Guitar
Ibanez AGR73T Electric Guitar
iRig Stomp
GarageBand iPad Version
Fender Mustang Amplifier

Editing & Production by Safyra Rosa (Partner)


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