Brick City

We all know what others think about Newark. We know what the anonymous cowards publish online, we know what the comedians have to say, we even know what some people within the Jersey borders think. But what do Newarkers (people who actually live or work or hang out here) think? And what are they doing day to day?

So who's first? Someone who wants "to put NYC in the background for once."

I've been following the work of Yuri Alves ever since I met his Dreamplay Productions team at the 07102 launch. Their work gets to me because of the obvious cinematic quality and general indie goodness. I sat at Art Kitchen a few days ago (duh, with a red velvet cupcake...okay two) with Yuri to talk about artists in Newark, his film at Cannes, The Original Brick City (his skyline-filled short film labour of love and gift to the City - no seriously, ask him about the footage!) and some of Dreamplay's current gigs and projects - including the short film, Broken Clouds, and the elusive deadline of his first feature film, Ironbound.

Who knew this was happening in Newark?

Since then I've heard of a few other filmmakers from Newark, working in Newark just like Dreamplay. So that got me thinking, "What else is going on here?"

If you know of an individual or business (artists, causes, people running a business, people who are just too interesting to leave under the radar) whose work demands "play" - send 'em on over. We'll sit somewhere in Newark and make it happen.


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