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Hi Guys!
This is a small slide show of my Wonderfully Holiday at Kings Plains Castle in Glen Innes, NSW, Australia where I stayed with my best friends Norma & Pete who are the Care Takers for this Large Property.
I took heaps of video footage with my New HV30... Like 8 x 80 minutes TAPES over 5 days BUT when I went to start downloading the tapes onto my computer I found that MY Computer won't handle the HD!...SO now I have to REBUILD!!??? my Bloody computer to handle the HD downloads:(((((
If anyone of you very clever people out there have an easy solution to this problem I would LOVE to hear them:)
I manage to download a couple of tapes straight onto DVD's through my DVD Player/Recorder and after I'd downloaded them into the editing software
(PP CS3 & Sony 7) it did the same thing... Video runs for a second and then stop while the audio is still playing and than a few more seconds later the video will move slightly and stop again and the Audio doesn't miss a beat. ????
I'm thinking its my Video Card needs to be HD compatible??....NOT HAPPY JAN!! :((((

I hope you Like the photos and slide show I have thrown together for you as I really wanted to start sharing my trip with you all untill I can sort the computer out :)))))))))))))))))


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