Canon EOS C100 User Group

Aji Wayang means (literally) wisdom wayang. Wayang itself means (wikipedia) a particular kinds of theater. Wayang means also puppet. This video tries to explore the meaning of wayang show (shadow puppet) for the spectator. Of course this short documentary will not able to give you deep understanding about wayang. The purpose is to bring you a short introduction about what wayang is. And it has Dutch subtitle. I made it for Dutch media :)

The video shows also the strongest point of Canon C100: shot in the low light environment. It is grainy, but nice (but for some people's eyes are bad) grainy. I had to push the iso to 3200, the lower is 1600. But still nice. And important to mention that i handheld it all the time for this documentary. For EF without IS, this would a problem. I shot some with IS some did not.

Shot with Canon C100, EF lens 50 mm f/2.8; 100 mm f/2.8 and 16 - 35 mm f/2.8.
Edited and bit graded with Adobe Premiere Pro CS6


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