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First Teaser of upcoming arthouse movie DIABOLIQUE by Cosmotropia de Xam

Starring Aura, Günter Schickert, Agnes Pándy and Martin N

Esmakra is a milk-like substance used by vampires to infect the human race. Causing addiction. Controlling them.
The shadow of darkness is where the vampires stay. Saturated neon color lights of the big city. Soul Intoxication of a single ticket. Near the streets of the weaping houses they are looking for their next victim. A victim for spreading their anima...

Duration: approx 60 min
Language: german
Subtitles: english

SOUNDTRACK BY IN DEATH IT ENDS (exclusive track) ∫ BLVCK CEILING (exclusive track) ∫ Günter Schickert feat. Aura (exclusive track) ∫ Metzengenstein ∫ Mario Mazzini ∫ Madame O und Ihre Kopffilmbande (2 exclusive tracks) ∫ Mercydesign (exclusive track) ∫ MATER SUSPIRIA VISION (2 exclusive tracks)

PRE-ORDER movie (dvd) and soundtrack (vinyl / CDR / digital) from 7th october 2013, 3PM CET via


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