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In the 2 months since I last posted a video with new content, the flowers have come out, the bugs have returned and the weather's gotten nice out again. This spring, I went out to a few of the different local parks and filmed some scenes of the spring transition from winter to summer. Everything in this video is in chronological order, so it starts out dull and drab, and ends up with lots of color as all of the plant life comes back.

Not everyone lives in a northern climate like we do here in Canada, so this video gives you an idea of just how awesome spring is for us here. When those dull grey days with naked trees give way to blue skies and forests filled with green, it's an amazing thing to watch!

Filmed from April 22nd, 2013 to June 9th, 2013 on my Canon XA10.
Locations filmed at were: Mac Johnson Wildlife Area, Marble Rock Conservation Area and along the eastern shore of Charleston Lake.



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