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"Nº11 commitment"

Commitment n.- a willingness to give time and energy to a belief, promise, or decision to do something.

16-year-old Sorrel Pompert-Robertson has been swimming ever since she can remember. The two-time Small Island Games competitor is candid about the varying emotions young athletes like herself confront each time they step up to the starting blocks. However once that whistle blows, 'It's like you're riding a motorbike and you have all this air rushing past you... except its water' (Like this video? Like us on Facebook and we'll update you when the next is out!) (We also tweet)

A Collaboration by : Vern Cummins & Jamie Gallant
Edited by: Christine Wolf
Ass.Edit : Steve Kroodsma
Motion GFX: Ollie Mamaril
Post Supervision: JoJo Scheerer
Title Design: Eric Lee
Colorist: Fred Keller
Sound Design & Mix: Dan Kenyon

A very special thank you to:
Tom Whistler and the entire Falkland Islands Swimming Club, Lisa Long & Dan Walsh @ Filmworkers Club Chicago, The Whitehouse Post,, and Darren Christie & Falkland Islands Government.


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