7DPRO [Canon EOS 7D]

The Castle
Boston University

Elegance : el·e·gance | ˈe-li-gən(t)s

Refinement, grace, and beauty in movement, appearance, or manners : grace or dignified propriety : tasteful richness of design or ornamentation : dignified gracefulness or restrained beauty of style : polish : something that is elegant : tasteful opulence in form, decoration, or presentation.

Tonya & Scott Sand - What can I say about this couple? Words can't even begin to describe the elegance of this day's events. It was a true privilege to be asked to film this wedding. From the minute we walked up the front steps we knew this would be a unique experience, and it did not disappoint. The Castle is an amazing venue. Enjoy the video!!

j vimeo.com/11672445

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