7DPRO [Canon EOS 7D]

Ok so we have to give you a little back story to our latest film...

Melissa and Brandon wanted a different type of wedding film and asked if somehow we could incorporate the movie Memento into their film. We took the story of how they met (a soccer tournament in Denmark), how they started dating, lost touch and then found each other again, their love of soccer until today, the fact that Brandon has had 5 concussions and made a little movie script with some hints of Memento.

They were troopers filming for 13 hours a month before their wedding and even filming on their wedding day BEFORE their ceremony!! We had around 20 mins to capture them and they got dirty in the process and didn't mind! How awesome is that?!

We had a blast script-writing and even doing the sound design..the only sound that was real was their voices..everything else was recreated or found stock. Happy that Tom enjoyed recording himself cutting wrapping paper, throwing paper around, walking, kicking balls, etc :)

We had an absolute blast from beginning to end! We feel so lucky to have been able to be part of this! We hope you enjoy!

"Seeing You Off the Edges" by Eluviem, friendlymusic.com
"Netherworlds" by Rudy Adrian, friendlymusic.com
"Mulholland" by Stars of the Lid, friendlymusic.com
"Last Salvation" by Justin Marcellus, audiosocket.com
"Into the Woods" by The Lower 48, withetiquette.com

j vimeo.com/55176763

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