7DPRO [Canon EOS 7D]

UPDATED** see their recently released film: vimeo.com/86389777

Erica and Jonathan are just two people that would have never crossed paths, hadn't it been for God's intervention.

He was a hollywood producer.
She wasn't allowed to watch movies growing up.

He was a small town boy.
She was a city girl.

He was the man of her dreams.
She was the girl he had been waiting for.

Together they make an ambitious team, making waves wherever they go.
Their love is cute, endearing, and playful. It was contagious and encouraging to see their desire to make Jesus the center of not just their wedding, but their lives after the wedding.

I enjoy these two greatly and am honored to know them.
Enjoy their story.

I loved shooting with my partner Ben Winchell, who makes my now "out of town" shoots in LA the best.
Music by Amy Seeley, licensed through Withetiquette.com

j vimeo.com/64957583

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