Canon Wedding Films

We first met Melanie and Niall back in 2009, it was clear to see how close they were. Their day was full of fun, excitement and natural smiles. Melanie is a bakers daughter, not just any baker, Pat the Baker. We shot the bakery sequence the day before, we literally had 10 minutes! We tied it in nicely during the reception. The photographer didn't want to share Melanie and Niall throughout the day but we managed to find some time together, finishing the day with a walk around the lovely Lough Rynn garden. Cracking day, cracking couple! :)

Tech Stuff
2x cinematographers with an assortment of lenses, dollies and steadicams. This is our first Panavision 2.35:1 crop (aka Cinemascope), we think it works perfectly with the piece. Cut with FCP and coloured with Color - graphic assets with Motion.


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