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A few weeks back, I was asked by Canon to take a Canon XF305 out on the road, and utilise it at a wedding.

So, it was a one-cameraman shoot, and I tested it in all possible scenarios (handheld, tripod, low light, indoors, outdoors, on a glidecam, on a glidetrack, macro, wide, etc).

And I have to say, I was blown away. Every shot in the clip is from the XF305, and just check out that detail (e.g. the detail in Naz's contact lenses!)

First, and most importantly, is the fact it's full HD progressive (1920x1080, 25p), as well as being solid-state card based. The ability to review and delete clips on the go is a godsend. Perfect for Same-Day-Edits and Next-Day-Edits. (note: one of the cards I used was a new 64GB one, which could easily grab 2.5hrs+ worth of footage.)

The HUGE LCD screen is just amazing. It's like having an external monitor attached (perfect for the glidecam!) but without the extra weight + hassle.

Then there's the 3 modes of Image Stabilisation: Powered, Dynamic, Standard. All 3 I played with, but I have to say, the Standard setting was good enough! But so you know, I used Dynamic for the glidecam work, and Powered for the handheld telephoto shots.

Exposure setting and focussing has never been easier. A new vectorscope system has been integrated, as well as a massively impressive 'Edge Monitor Focus Assist' (it's one of those 'how did we manage without it' type of things!)

Highly recommended. And this is coming from someone who is still caught up in the dSLR craze!

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photos of the day, from our partner photography team, can be found here:

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