Cetaceans (Whales & Dolphins)

On 11/11/11, the Dolphin Dance Project (dolphin-dance.org/) was engaged in an extended period of rehearsals with wild Pacific Spinner dolphins. We are honored to contribute a dolphin's perspective to the One Day On Earth project (onedayonearth.org/).

For more, please visit our blog post: thedolphindance.wordpress.com/2012/04/09/one-dolphin-day-on-earth/

Like us, dolphins have rich cognitive and emotional lives expressed through all kinds of relationships with other members of their pod, their close friends, their family and even other species (primarily other dolphins and whales, but occasionally some lucky homo sapiens). Each dolphin has a perspective as meaningful as any of our own to the story of each day on earth, and as we consider it, we are reminded of all the creatures of the ocean who live their lives in parallel to ours.

Joyful and lovely dolphin days like this are under constant threat from our ever expanding impact on the environment and the oceans in particular. To learn more about the threats they face, and what we can do about them, please visit our Protect page: dolphin-dance.org/protect

The Dolphin Dance Project is working on a film about communication between humans and wild dolphins through dance. If you would like to find out more, please visit dolphin-dance.org

If you would like to support the completion of this film, please visit our Donate page (dolphin-dance.org/dolphin-dance/Donate.html). Donations of $50 or more will receive a DVD of our debut film, 'Together' (dolphin-dance.org/together) and our heartfelt thanks.

Dolphin Dance Project works only with wild dolphins. Dolphins are not rewarded or coerced by anything other than their own curiosity and joy to interact with intelligent, playful members of another species - just like the human dancers. Recognizing that we are guests in the dolphins' environment, the filmmakers follow a strict code of etiquette. There is never any attempt to interact if dolphins are resting or show any sign of annoyance or disinterest.

j vimeo.com/39607998

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