CG Shorts

Animation Director: Yuhan Yu
Director Bio: Graduated from Communication University of China, Beijing: Animation Program

"My Grandpa" Awards:
Best Animation, Beijing University Joint Film Festival 2013
Best Short Animated Film, Chinese Short Film Media Award 2013
Best Original Screenplay, Beijing Film Academy Award 2012
4th Prize in China Region, TBS DigiCon6 Awards, Japan 2012
Best Original Screenplay Award Nominee, Monkey Kings Award, 2012
Best Character Animation Nominee, White Poplar Award, 2012

"This is a real story about my grandpa who had a very peculiar personality. He did many funny things that, while sometimes provoking us, always made us laugh together in the end. Although he was always against to my grandma, they loved each other deeply. After he passed away, we still miss him so much."

*** Disclaimer: I've uploaded this for my friend Yuhan Yu. She is the the creator and owner of this entire work. Please send me a message if you'd like to reach out to her. Thanks.


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